Fsae rules 2011

The business presentation allows students to try to sell the car as a company to a group of investors. Inthe autocross competition was held in the parking lot next to the Turn 1 grandstands.

Fsae Business Logic Plan

Other problems associated with band brakes included dirt and water damage and loss of friction with external bands and the tendency of these brakes to lock if the drum is overheated and expanded too much. The prototype race car is to be evaluated for its potential as a production item.

In the United States there are two locations: This means whatever actuation mechanism Fsae rules 2011 has to deal with the forces and moments and has to be designed to work at the full range of speeds.

The overall winner is determined by two categorical events — dynamic and static events. The basic aim of this work is to achieve the required standards for brake design in FSAE and to scale through the technical inspection at the competition.

I might have a hard time justifying an active rear wing to the judges though The earliest motor vehicle brakes were pads or blocks applied by levers and linkage to the outside of a solid tire on a wooden-spoked wheel.

It could include any physical parts or work that had been completed for the project so far, but was not essential. I thought about having a non-active but adjustable wing too, which has most of the benefits of active aero since you're allowed to change wing angles between events, but then again, how cool is active aero?

A car from the previous year's Class 1 entry could be re-entered and re-engineered allowing the students to concentrate on the low carbon aspect of the competition without having to redesign a new chassis and ancillaries.

With grass roots support from his students, Dr. To answer these questions, the frame and suspension team ran tests with the posture of the drivers inside the propose driving cells in order to came up with a position for the steering wheel that was comfortable for our tallest, shortest and average sized drivers.

The competition gives students the ability to showcase their ideas, knowledge, and creativity with loose car restrictions. Schools can enter both Class 1 and Class 2 cars, allowing Class 2 to be used for inexperienced students to practise their development in advance of a full Class 1 entry.

Life in the FSAE Lane: A Year-Long Journey

The brakes must have good ant fade characteristics i. In unlimited acceleration, the teams are free to use any system or combination of systems they wish.

EX650R FSAE Engine Question

The team consists of Duke students from both Pratt and Trinity, in all classes. Endurance event[ edit ] The endurance event is similar to the autocross track, except that it is closed loop and more spacious.

Acceleration is a straight, 75 meter speed test where students try to travel the distance in the shortest time possible. It involves adding more holes on the surface of the disc brake and validating the design change in the Thermal Analysis environment.

The objective of the endurance race is to finish with the fastest race time while not running out of your allotted fuel. The finite element analysis FEA is performed to determine the temperatures profile in the disc and to analyze the stresses for the repeated braking, which could be used to calculate the fatigue life of a disc.

The development of the chassis follows a systematic process adopted from Prof.

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Adding boundary condition to the model The objective was to reduce the mass of the pedal and that has been achieved. California and Michigan; Michigan being the largest event and longest running.

Formula SAE® Results

The cars are built from scratch and teams spend months or years trying to perfect a design. The competition event is designed to test the ability of the car to go around the circuit at maximum speed and drive around the tight bends and turns.

Well, this raises issues as well, since that second element is quite large, namely that the forces and moments through that element.FSAE Damper Project Objective: To design and build 2 sets of dampers (8 in total) for a FSAE racecar, that will perform better than any available off-the-shelf piece, and run them at the FSAE competition in May Note: Values specific to the MRacing FSAE vehicle have been excluded from this report to protect the competitive interests of the team.

Design & Analysis for Intake System of Formula SAE Car Sachin N Waghmare1, Nikhil S Karekar 2, Pankaj P (Texas) contacted SAE Educational Relations Department in The FSAE rules committee imposed a rule that power of any four-stroke engine used in the competition should be limited by a Bhola, D.

R. (). Cfd analysis of flow. FSAE Rules, clarifications and examples 1. Formula SAE RuleClarifications and ExamplesJanVersion This document is subject to change and update. The project complied with all of the templates and envelopes required by the FSAE rules.

The work serves as a guide to developing a high performance race car for the FSAE competition and will foster the ingenuity of designers by making the proposed indigenous car possible in view of the local content initiatives in Nigeria.

Seven hot days, three technical vehicle classes, thousands of participants and visitors made this Formula Student Germany amazing again. Congratulation to the winner of #FSG18 and thank you to all participants, August.

Formula SAE is an excellent environment for students to take what they have learned and apply it in a real‐ world setting. FSAE is an all‐encompassing competition, in which is students must research, design.

Fsae rules 2011
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