How to write an about me page for a personal blog

They want to know how you can solve their problems. Give something of value to your readers on your About Me page. You can also ask them to subscribe to your blog. Bringing soul to your site. People are there to see if your website is the right website for them.

Lauren of ThinkingCloset While creativity does not exactly jump out the page in this blog about creativity, the content itself pretty much says it all as it is well-written and entertaining enough to keep you engaged from the very first word up until the very last. Your potential clients like to look into your eyes.

Whip up with a list of your own guiding words before you sit down for the business of writing, and make a point to check back in throughout the process.

So how does your About page stack up?

10 Ways to Dazzle Readers With Your About Me Page

May contain info unsuitable for overly sensitive people. I especially adore how she shares her story using witty lines yet very straightforward without really blabbing that much. Tell people who you are and what you believe. The last thing you want is for those problems to remain unresolved when they leave.

10 Ways to Create a Better “About Page” for Your Blog

And, you may be surprised to hear this, but it might also not be the place to share your company's longwinded professional history. However, when you visit their About page, they will certainly exceed your expectation. When someone has just finished reading your brilliant About page, give them the opportunity to sign up for your list, then and there, by including an opt-in form.

Follow me on social media and say hello! Be specific, add links to products and services. Forty One Twenty 9.

17 Fabulous About Me Pages By Female Bloggers

Write the way you talk—in plain English. After all, your about page is already getting traffic, so you might as well plug that leak ASAP. What does your about page look like? Like a rocket has been lit underneath them. This is your chance to declare your big, bold vision, focusing on how you can serve your readers… now.How to Write an About Page Your About page is one of the most important parts of your site.

It’s often one of the first places a visitor goes to decide whether or not your blog is worth their time. “About Me” pages have a unique way of engaging and informing your visitors.

This is because they do so in a more personal manner. And, unlike other pages, this page speaks volumes about the whole blog itself as well as the blogger who runs it.

Hey friends! I’ve got something important to talk about today: The “About Me Page” on your blog. Your blog’s “About Page” is likely to become one of the most useful and popular pages on your blog. Before we jump right into the blog about page strategies, you’ll need to ask yourself: “ What’s the main goal of my about page?

If you’re running a blog for business purposes, it’s likely to humanize your blog (that’s vitally important, and I’ll write about that another day) and lead generation.

How do I write an About Me page? Including a picture helps your readers connect with you on a more personal level. An overview of what your blog is about. who wrote and linked this page. Ain’t that great!? You were able to help a lot thru this.

When I’m done with my about me page, I’m gonna write an entry and direct a link to this. 10 Ways to Create a Better “About Page” for Your Blog. Michael Hyatt. 0 words. mins. Blogs are personal; make your About page personal.

You should not write in the third person, as though someone else were writing about you. This is a blog not a book. Write in a conversational style.

How to write an about me page for a personal blog
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